to locate

White curtains hang outside the windows of the Kunstverein. They are a visible sign to the outside.

to locate, 2003, curtains, folding chairs, sign, swing door, text-wallpaper, Kunstverein Schwerte (D)

Folding chairs are placed around the building - next to tree, the entrance, etc. - adding a sense of revival.

A grey sign above the entrance of the Kunstverein resembles the inscriptions commonly found in the wooden frames above the doors of half-timber houses in the old town of Schwerte. The text on the sign does not contain nouns and is therefore vague. It makes reference to the inside of the Kunstverein and its significance to visitors and the town.

A swing door leads to the west room of the gallery, making entering the room a conscious act, but also changing the reading order - the in and out.

Once in the west room, the white space appears empty.

One wall of this room is covered with wallpaper in which text is sewn and painted over in the same white used elsewhere in the room. The texts are inconspicuous and are only visible with light or upon close viewing. The texts are flexible, and correspond with the sign above the entrance door.