true luxury

During a working stay I developed - together with Maureen Kok (NL) - a common working strategy concerning found spaces and places. Our aim was to make invisible space visible. Our common fascination was with minimal intervention, where the opening of a closed door became a conscious and artistic art of opening.

bridge, 2003, with Maureen Kok (NL), Nessonvaux (B)

A broom is used to clear of leaves and branches off a stone bridge.

bridge, 2003, with Maureen Kok (NL), Nessonvaux (B)

A dusty basement in an old stone house is cleared and swept.
Found nails are polished and placed in existing holes in the wall. They faintly reflect light, depending on the point of view. A found mirror is placed on the ground - continuing the space downward.

basement, 2003, with Maureen Kok (NL), handrail, plaster, color, light, mirror, window, light, polished nails
Nessonvaux (B)

The rear corner is renovated and lit under the (unusable) stairs. The functionless handrail is placed in the corridor. The run of the handrail is the continuation of the stairs on the other side of the wall.