Piazza del Ferrro

The Piazza del Ferro sits right in the historical centre of Genoa, closely connected to the famous Via Garibaldi.

Within the Piazza del Ferro the back part of the Palazzo di Niccola Spinola (Doria) contains my themes of interest: the relations and perception of people and their surroundings, as well as the relation between open/visible and closed/hidden space; all the other facades facing the square clearly indicate typical inhabitation.

I opened the four doors of the Palazzo di Niccola Spinola's balcony-room called 'Limonaia'. And underneath it, on the wall, I added the sentence 'io mi trovo dietro' ('I stay behind').

square, open balconies,
text (chalk)

For città (in)naturale exhibition on 7th september 2007 I invited all residents of the Piazza for the joint opening gesture of their square by asking them to open their windows.