Listening Pieces
The Resonance of Exhibition Spaces

In 'Listening Pieces' I lean against
buildings and places which are part
of the 5th Berlin Biennale. For a
certain time I listen to the venues.

The pieces take place outside the
opening hours.

piece no.1
Schinkel Pavillon

4th april 2008
9 am

piece no.2
Neue Nationalgalerie

7th april 2008
7 am

piece no.3
Alexa Shoppingcenter

9th april 2008
8 Uhr

piece no.6
Bektas Autowerkstatt

18th april 2008
9 am

piece no.8
Hau 2

27th april 2008
8 am

piece no.9
Zeiss Großplanetarium

4th may 2008
8 am

piece no.11
Babette Bar

7th may 2008
7.30 am

piece no.12
Le Corbusier Unité D'Habitation

17th may 2008
9 am

piece no.14

28th may 2008
7.30 am