The Embrace of Spaces

‘The Embrace of Spaces’ during the 'Summer of Embrace’ exhibition series, located on, in and around a near-derelict shed at Tor 111/Berlin-Mitte

The Embrace of Spaces, 2009, tor 111, Berlin (D)

The text 'ich umarme dich'
(I embrace you) is a headline for
the whole site.

near-derrelict roof: wood, styrofoam, acryl (fluorescing shocking pink), 8 x 0,6 x0,04 meters

50 numbered texts describe 'The Embrace of Spaces' in an open and lyrical way.
duplicated as A4-formats  and placed in the streets around the exhibition site.

public space: torstrasse, text 041

public space: weinbergsweg, text 025

In the ground floor the A4-formats appear as chiselled shapes...

gallery: 15 A4-formats, chiselled


...correspondent in the cellar beneath as white painted shapes....

cellar: 15 A4-formats, acryl

...the texts which are pasted in public spaces, are presented here as spoken texts and played from a tape deck.