Belziger Ensemble

a keep, a vacant house, two gates, a wall, a pulled down wall, a door,
a dilapidated house.

The ensemble is composed of a swapped flag, opened windows, a new passage, whitened flats, a lettering, a new pane of glass and two boards.

Belziger Ensemble, 2010, Schlosserstrasse: open gate, in the background the keep with the silver flag

opened gate

door, Mauerstrasse:
a new pane of glass

dilapidated house, Bahnhofgasse:
two missing boeads replaced

The flag of the town exchanged into a silver flag. The flag is reflecting the sunlight into the small town

Mauer-/Sandberger Strasse

wall, /Berliner Strasse:
whitened the bricked up windows

vacant house, Reisigergasse:
opened windows

Photo: Andrea Böning

Photo: Andrea Böning

Photo: Andrea Böning